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It's The First Time!

January  31st, 2019




Welcome to our blog page... This is officially our first blog post on our new website! First off let's start with why we got started creating Social Media SmartBus and what our vision for the future is....


SmartBus started out as an idea, pretty much like anything you see or experience today, as the very knowledgeable Napoleon Hill once said 'All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea'.


SmartBus started out as a group on Facebook for shared knowledge about Social Media and online marketing and quickly expanded into a service which helps small to medium-sized businesses and freelance professionals grow their brand online.


Now, you may be thinking that you have little to no knowledge of Social Media Marketing and that's what we are here slowly educate you on what online marketing looks like, what it's all about and how to take your idea and market yourself online into a flourishing brand!

Social Media SmartBus is a place where you are wanted to express your ideas and opinions on what matters most about Social Media Marketing but it will always be a place of positivity, knowledge, support and inspiration!


We aim to update our blog posts as and when we can while our business is growing so please look out for notifications on new blog posts via our Instagram (@socialmediasmartbus) or our Facebook business page or Facebook group.


Welcome and we look forward to connecting with you all!


Have a wonderful day,



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