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Our Mission

Freedom for Business Owners and freelance professionals

Freedom to work anywhere in the World online!

Social Media SmartBus was created in the vision for freedom.


The advantage we have in this generation is the ability to run businesses, connect with people, advertise, educate and get educated, shop, socialise, plan, review, write, blog, design and much much more all from our electronic devices and computers from any location we choose on the planet.


Our services provide small to medium sized Businesses and freelance professionals with Social Media Marketing assistance across various mediums online.


We provide professionals and businesses the ability to free up more of their own time to worry less about marketing and more on other business generating activities as we lift some of the heavy weight of daily content, engagement and brand building.


If you want to know more about our free trial process or any of the packages we offer please check out our contact page for more info.


Here's to another great day!


The SmartBus Team

Alicia Withey - Social Media SmartBus founder

Nad'a Stankova - Photographer and Creative Stylist

Maddy Ashworth, SmartBus Graphic Designer

Sol Maya, Team Facebook Ads Expert & Web Designer